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How it works   Fido will install a proprietary “crunch” program on each restaurant's back office computer. This program retrieves POS sales and labor data every hour and transmits it back to Fido’s web service over a secure internet connection. Other information such as inventory counts, invoices, employee schedules, and manager log entries are entered directly into Fido by store level employees. Clients can log into Fido’s website to view all of their consolidated business information.   

Enterprise Solution
Fido can handle any number of restaurants and as many different concepts or POS Systems as required. All information is kept on a centralized database ensuring consistent information for all users.

Data Security
Fido uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure the secure transmission of all confidential business information.

Mid-to-Large Size Restaurants Companies (20+ locations)
While web-based applications requiring monthly fees are an adequate solution for smaller restaurant groups, they are often a poor fit for mid-to-large size restaurant companies. As concepts continue to grow, they typically require customizable solutions that mesh with the business model, not a one size fits all product.

Fido encourages restaurant companies with more than 20 units to purchase the product up front and install it on their own servers. If your company does not have corporate servers, Fido will assist in setting up a hosted platform. Fido begins each integration with a deep consultation with the client's executive and management teams to determine what business challenges they face and how we can best assist in overcoming those challenges. With each implementation, Fido allots a set number of custom development hours to address a client's unique needs. Whether it be new reports, customized exports for third party packages, or entirely new screens, consider Fido your IT consultant.

Growing Restaurant Companies (< 20 locations)
Since an upfront investment is not feasible for most restaurant companies on the grow, we offer an affordable subscription-based product. Because Fido is a web-based application there is no equipment to buy, no software to install at the customer level, and in most cases, no additional employees required to maintain it. Fido can be integrated with most windows based electronic POS systems.


Product News  Android App Released! IPhone Version Available Within Days! Click arrow for more information.   

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