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Valuable advice for servers and management seeking to increase sales, tips, and guest satisfaction.
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The Big Three   Sales, cost of goods, and labor. Whether you’re an independent restaurant or a growing concept, managing the “big three” is vital to success. Fact is, most operators believe they are running a comfortable profit if sales are steady, labor costs are within reason, and cost of goods hit their average. However, there is always the opportunity for increasing net profit. Operators just need the proper tools to find the low hanging fruit. This is why Fido is a restaurant's best friend!   

Fido is the operator’s complete package to managing the big three along with many other useful features. Fido is a web-based product that provides real-time consolidated reporting for executives, productive tools for store level operators, and schedule management for hourly employees. View our products tab or download the brochure for more information on how we can help your business.


Product News  Android App Released! IPhone Version Available Within Days! Click arrow for more information.   

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